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Para-Benzoquinone CAS 106-51-4
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    25kg / fibre drum
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Para-Benzoquinone (CAS 106-51-4), commonly known as para-quinone or 1,4-Benzoquinone, is a chemical compound with the formula C6H4O2. In a pure state, it forms bright-yellow crystals with a characteristic irritating odor, resembling that of chlorine, bleach, and hot plastic. It is an important intermediates of Dyes and pharmaceutical.

Specification of Para-Benzoquinone

 Appearance   Yellow crystal powder
 Assay,%  ≥ 99.0
 Melting point,℃  112.0-116.0
 Ash,%  ≤ 0.05
 Loss on drying,%  ≤ 0.5

Application of Para-Benzoquinone

Quinone is mainly used as a precursor to hydroquinone, which is used in photography and rubber manufacture as a reducing agent and antioxidant. Benzoquinonium is a Skeletal muscle relaxant, ganglion blocking agent that is made from benzoquinone.

Para-Benzoquinone is used as a hydrogen acceptor and oxidant in organic synthesis.1,4-Benzoquinone serves as a dehydrogenation reagent. It is also used as a dienophile in Diels Alder reactions.

Para-Benzoquinone is used as the oxidizing agent, also used in organic synthesis

Para-Benzoquinone is used as dye and pharmaceutical intermediates, rubber protective agent, inhibitor, antioxidants, developer,etc

25kg fibre drum
Total 9 MT per 20ft container with pallets.Total 12 MT per 20ft container without pallets.

Safety & Storage & Handling
Stored in cool and airy place; away from fire and heat; handle with care;no breakage, avoid leakage.
It is valid for 2 years under proper condition.
Para-Benzoquinone is classified as Dangerous Good for transport (UN 2527, Class 6.1, Packing group II)
Please refer to MSDS for more information about Safety, Storage and Transportation
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      Para-Benzoquinone CAS 106-51-4
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