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TNJ can provide variety of chemicals which can be applied into industrial, food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic fields. Here you can search what you are looking for by Chemical name, CAS number and other names.  You can also find the chemicals by application fields listed on the left of this page. 

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  • Para-Dichlorobenzene suppliers


    Para-dichlorobenzene PDCB (CAS 106-46-7) is white flaky or particle crystal,insoluble in water, soluble in ethanol,ethyl ether,benzene and other organic solvents. PDCB is used to control moths, moulds, and mildew. Paradichlorobenzene is widely used as produce mothballs; It also finds use as a disinfectant in waste containers and restrooms and is the characteristic smell associated with urinal cakes.

  • Isobutyl Paraben suppliers

    Isobutyl Paraben

    Isobutyl Paraben CAS 4247-02-3 is white crystalline or crystalline powder. This product is mainly used as an anti-microbial agent.

  • Isopropyl paraben suppliers

    Isopropyl paraben

    Isopropyl paraben CAS 4191-73-5 is white crystalline and easily dissolved in alcohol and ether, but not dissolved in water. Its rlative density (d4102) is 1.0630 and index of refraction is (nD102) 1.5050.

  • Sodium Butyl Paraben suppliers

    Sodium Butyl Paraben

    Sodium Butyl Paraben CAS 36457-20-2 is white hygroscopic crystalline powder. It is easily dissolved in water and alkaline. This product is a water-soluble antiseptics, mainly features as a safe, high efficiency, broad-spectrum antibiotic and widely used in Pharmacy industry, Food industry,textile industry as well as antiseptics in cosmetics, feedstuffs, daily-chemicals.

  • Sodium methyl paraben suppliers

    Sodium methyl paraben

    Sodium methyl paraben CAS 5026-62-0 is a water-soluble antiseptics, mainly features as a safe, high efficiency, broad-spectrum antibiotic and widely used in Pharmacy industry(Chinese herbal medicine/patent drug; medical instruments sterilization); Food industry(dairy products, pickles, beverage, fruit juice/jelly, confectionery); textile industry(dry goods, cotton yarn, chemical fibers), as well as antiseptics in cosmetics, feedstuffs, daily-chemicals.

  • Chlorinated paraffin suppliers

    Chlorinated paraffin

    Chlorinated paraffin CAS 106232-86-4 is secondary plasticizer and flame resistant for PVC products. They are widely used in cable compounds,floor sheets,rolling sheets,shoes and seal ring; and also can be used as the additives for rubber products,flame-retardant coatings,printing inks lubricating oils and so on.

  • Ethylparaben

    Ethylparaben as preservatives for food & cosmetics

    Ethyl Paraben, also known as ethyl p-hydroxybenzoate CAS 120-47-8, is colorless crystals or white crystalline powder, tastes slightly bitter and astringent. It's mainly used as antiseptics in foodstuff, medicine and cosmetics. It is also used in feed as antiseptics. Melting point 114-117 °C(lit.), Boiling point 297-298 °C(lit.); Flash point 297-298°C.

  • Propyl paraben 94-13-3

    Propyl paraben as food preservatives & Cosmetic antiseptics

    Propyl paraben is colorless crystals or white powder or chunky white solid. Melting point 95-98°C. Odorless or faint aromatic odor. Low toxicity, Tasteless (numbs the tongue). pH: 6.5-7.0 (slightly acidic) in solution.

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